Addressing Unconscious
Modern Learning

We all have biases. Let’s slow down our thinking and examine our biases.

Screening out candidates only based on their name, always opting for a happy hour as a team activity, or unknowingly perpetuating the gender pay gap. These are examples of unconscious bias.

We are expected to make fast decisions often in split seconds, this is where our unconscious bias comes in and helps us make decisions. While useful, these fast decisions can be harmful when left unchecked and can have an adverse impact on our workplaces. Let’s take this opportunity to learn about and address our biases and build a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

Our unconscious bias training enables every employee to address bias by providing takeaway skills in:

Slowing down thinking

Recognizing how to spot unconscious bias in the moment

Examining the different scenarios in which unconscious bias can happen

Addressing how to intervene or do something different in our behaviors

Unconscious bias training is the first step in addressing
this challenge. We’ve made all 20 of our Unconscious Bias
Microlearning lessons available for free.


Learn about the different types of bias and how bias can affect your decision making at work and beyond.


Learn tactics to identify and examine your biases, and develop tools to help keep unconscious bias out of your decision making.


Introducing the Modern Compliance Bundle

We're bringing together learning on unconscious bias with diversity & inclusion and discrimination topics so companies can achieve compliance while effecting workplace change.